Trouble Connecting

CLE Sample Seminar RoomTest Your System for Adobe Connect Compatibility With our Sample Webinar Room
This link will take you to a sample, demonstration webinar we have created so you can test your computer.

If you can see and hear the short video in that room, then you should be able to participate in the webinar without any problems. If you cannot see and hear the video, please contact at 888-393-6181.


Adobe-connect-system-testTest Your System for Adobe Connect Compatibility With Adobe’s Test Page
This link will take you to a page that will check that your Internet connection and browser meet the compatibility requirements to view webinars delivered via with Adobe Connect.*

*Note, that the Adobe Connect Add-In is NOT required to be a participant in a webinar. So, it’s OK if the test indicates that you do not have it installed. Unless you are a Presenter, you do not have to install it.

Adobe-connect-quickstart-guideVisual Quick Start Guide for Participants
Click this link for a guide that will help anyone participant in an Adobe Connect meeting. It covers joining a meeting, using audio, chat, and webcam. Troubleshooting tips are also available as a quick reference.



Adobe-connect-how-to-attendParticipating in an Adobe Connect Meeting
This video offers a general overview of connecting to and participating in a meeting delivered via Adobe Connect.



Adobe-connect-how-to-attendAdobe Connect Jumpstart – Features of the App Bar, Attendee and Chat Pods
This video offers a detailed look at features of the Adobe Connect meeting interface for users, including the App Bar, and features in the Attendees and Chat pods.

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