Video Interview Regarding Lume Cube Portable Video Lighting

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Video Interview Regarding Lume Cube Portable Video Lighting

David Danto’s interview regarding Lume Cube’s new portable video conferencing from CES 2019. Lume Cube’s lighting would be appropriate for distance learning and e-learning applications.

See out previous post for more details about Lume Cube’s new offerings.

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Litra Highlights its ‘Studio Lighting in your Pocket’

David Danto interviews Scott Gant of Litra lighting.

Litra produces professional-grade video lighting products targeted at the “adventure video” market. Due to their compact nature and brightness however, Litra’s products are well-suited for the distance learning/e-learning market.

Prices range from $89.95-$219.95. A wide-range of accessories are also available.

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Lume Cube Offers Compact Video Lighting

Lume Cube describes its AIR LED video lights as “the smallest, lightest, most compact professional lighting solution on the market.”

Lume Cube AIR Portable Video Light

The portable lights feature:

  • waterproof design
  • magnetic & tripod mounting options
  • wireless control
  • a range of diffusors

Prices start at $69.95 each. Bundles are available that bring the per light cost down slightly.

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