VDO360 Pairs Camera and Software to Replace Cameraman

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VDO360 Pairs Camera and Software to Replace Cameraman

VDO360 has combined a camera, mini-computer, and software into a bundle it is billing as a “replacement for the cameraman” – calling it Autopilot.

Autopilot combines:

  • VDO360’s Saber PTZ camera
  • An Intel Compute Card mini PC
  • Perfect Track software
VDO360 Autopilot for Distance Learning and e-learning applications

Perfect Track is VDO360-developed software that recognizes individuals in the Saber’s video stream. According to VDO360, “the sophisticated tracking algorithms far surpass any other solution on the market in terms of accuracy and consistency. Once a user is recognized, Perfect Track intelligently controls the camera to smoothly follow that user. No tracking beacons, operators, or excessive equipment needed.”

The Perfect Track software comes pre-installed on the Intel Compute Card computer and has a simple to use interface with one time setup.

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