LiveU Solo Offers Robust Video Encoding/Streaming in a Small Package

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LiveU Solo Offers Robust Video Encoding/Streaming in a Small Package

LiveU Solo is a professional-grade wireless video encoder offering
one-touch streaming to Facebook Live and YouTube, as well as other
popular social media networks and online channels. The device is small and lightweight, making it ideal for streaming video from remote locations.

Wi-fi and ethernet connectivity are built in. The LiveU Solo also supports 4G LTE and CDMA (among other cellular connectivity). Separate external cellular modems are required to stream via a cellular network.

When multiple simultaneous networks are available, the device uses LiveU Reliable Transport (LRT) to maintain consistent and high-quality live streaming over the Internet. With it, LiveU Solo device can bond up to two USB Modems, WiFi, and an Ethernet into a single connection to ensure no loss of the outgoing video stream.

Two versions of the device are available – one accommodating cameras with HDMI output or another accommodating HDMI and SDI.

The manufacturer currently lists the following services with which the device is compatible.

Social Media Platorms:

  • Facebook Live
  • Twitter
  • YouTube Live

Streaming Platforms

  • Akamai
  • Brightcove
  • DaCast
  • EasyLive
  • Kaltura
  • Level(3)
  • Limelight Networks
  • Ooyala
  • Streann
  • Switchboard
  • UStream

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Litra Highlights its ‘Studio Lighting in your Pocket’

David Danto interviews Scott Gant of Litra lighting.

Litra produces professional-grade video lighting products targeted at the “adventure video” market. Due to their compact nature and brightness however, Litra’s products are well-suited for the distance learning/e-learning market.

Prices range from $89.95-$219.95. A wide-range of accessories are also available.

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