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Twitter Kills Search Features Useful for Background and Investigative Research

By: Mark Rosch

Twitter appears to have disabled its pinpoint geographical search capability, and severely limited its other geographic search capablities. Some less precise geographic search capabilities do still remain.

Until recently, it was possible to enter the search instruction geocode (along with GPS coordinates for a specific location) into the search box at Twitter to retrieve ...

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Twitter Bot Follows Federal Cases of Note; Posts Docket Documents

Category : Newsitem , PACER , RECAP , Twitter

The aptly named Twitter robot Big Case Bot automatically follows selected U.S. Supreme and Federal Diistrict Court cases of note on PACER and posts the documents from new docket entries to Twitter. The documents are included as attachments to the tweets.

Twitter Big Case Bot - PACER Robot

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Finding the Right Person on Social Media: An eDiscovery White Paper

The pervasive nature of social media has made it an extraordinary source of legal evidence today. As such, there is both a duty to preserve social media content and a need for lawyers to learn how to find relevant social media evidence to use in litigation. The five major social media sites today, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, and YouTube, all have unique "flavors of information," but are often used in varying ways. It’s important to unders...

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