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Oracle v. Google: The Social Media Research Ban

In a verdict handed down Thursday, May 26, 2016, jurors found that Google’s use of basic elements of the Java programming language to build its Android mobile operating system was a fair use under federal copyright law. While this is an important case in the fair use/copyright milieu, an earlier order by Judge Alsup is nearly as important to those following juror social media research issues - not just because of the substance of the order, but also because the court may have ...

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Summary of the Colorado Bar Association Ethics Committee Formal Opinion 127: “Use of Social Media for Investigative Purposes”

In September 2015, the Colorado Bar Association Ethics Committee (Committee) issued Formal Opinion 127 - Use of Social Media for Investigative Purposes - to address the conflicting ethical opinions from various jurisdictions about how to apply the establi

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Legal Ethics Considerations for Lawyers’ Use of Cloud Computing Services

Lawyers must keep legal ethics concerns (and responsibilities) in mind when considering cloud computing solutions for their law firms' and clients' information.

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