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Google Offers Proximity Search


Updated: November 13, 2016

Many paid legal research products such as LexisNexis and Westlaw o...

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Google Expands Translate Service to 103 Languages

Google Translate adds 13 more languages. Now recognizes 103 languages.

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How to Conduct a Quick Google Scholar Search with the Click of a Button

Learn how to search caselaw and articles at Google Scholar without leaving the web page your already on - with the Google Scholar Button.

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Legal Ethics Considerations for Lawyers’ Use of Cloud Computing Services

Lawyers must keep legal ethics concerns (and responsibilities) in mind when considering cloud computing solutions for their law firms' and clients' information.

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Google Quietly Extends Coverage Range of Google News Database

Google has extended the coverage range of sources returned in Google News search results. Instead of just 30 days, results can date back (at least) to 2004.

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