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LinkedIn Makes Changes to Search Capabilities

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Twitter Kills Search Features Useful for Background and Investigative Research

By: Mark Rosch

Twitter appears to have disabled its pinpoint geographical search capability, and severely limited its other geographic search capablities. Some less precise geographic search capabilities do still remain.

Until recently, it was possible to enter the search instruction geocode (along with GPS coordinates for a specific location) into the search box at Twitter to retrieve ...

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Facebook Kills Search Features Useful for Background and Investigative Research

Facebook has discontinued many search features useful to legal professionals conducting background and investigative research of users on the popular social networking site. These include searching by email address and phone number to locate someone’s Facebook profile. The changes were spurred by recent revelations that political data mining firm Cambridge Analytica scraped publicly available information from an estimated 87 million Facebook profiles for political marketing pu...

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Internet Research Reference Book Cybersleuth’s Guide to the Internet Now in its 14th Edition

The popular Internet research manual, The Cybersleuth's Guide to the Internet: Conducting Effective Investigative and Background Research on the Web has been updated to a new 14th edition.

The Cybersleuth’s Guide to the Internet features extensive reviews of the best investigative and background research resources available for free (or at low cost) on the Internet.  Unlike others guides which prese...

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Update to “New Relationship Report in TLOxp”

TLOxp Investigative Research database's “Relationship Report,” allows subscribers to simultaneously run one report comparing the assets (typically this refers only to real property and vehicles—not bank accounts or stocks) and showing other connections be

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New ‘Relationship Report’ in TLOxp Investigative Research Database Compares Assets

TLOxp to launch Relationship Report comparing assets (real property, vehicles) of two individuals (people).

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