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Nebraska State Bar CLE Webinar Links for Registrants Who Could Not Attend

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If you registered for a webinar through the Nebraska State Bar and were unable to attend on the day/time of the original presentation, you can access a recording of the presentation here for 45 days from the original presentation.

As a reminder, as stated on the original registration page, there are no refunds available for registrants who were not able to attend. Access to the recording is being provided as a courtesy for your viewing and information – these recordings has not been accredited for “on-demand” MCLE credit. No MCLE credit is available for watching this recording.

Find the link (below) to the recording of the presentation you missed. You can log into the recording of the webinar you missed with the same email address you used when registering for the original presentation.

Please note that it might take 2-3 days for link to recordings to be available after the original presentation.

See the schedule of upcoming MCLE webinars in the Nebraska State Bar webinar catalog.

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Nebraska State Bar – CLE Webinars

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The Nebraska State Bar Association has partnered with to offer these law practice management, technology, and ethics webinars presented by a team of nationally recognized CLE presenters and authors.

If the Nebraska catalog of CLE Webinars does not appear below, click this link.

If you’re looking for the Nebraska CLE activity code for one of our webinars you’ve taken in the past, click this link.

Please note that there are no refunds or cancellations for these webinars. If you are unable to attend on the scheduled date/time you will be sent a link to view a recording of the presentation.

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Login to Today’s Webinar

If you have registered for today’s CLE webinar, but did not receive, or misplaced, your confirming emails with log in instructions, you can use the links below to log in.

Find the entity below through which you registered and click the link to “Login to Today’s Webinar.” That will take you to your login page for today’s webinar.

Use the same email address that you used to register for the webinar to access the presentation.

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Internet For Lawyers
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All MCLE Jurisdictions

These Bar Associations, Law Schools, and other legal organizations have partnered with to offer a series of high-quality law practice management, technology, and ethics Continuing Legal Education (CLE) webinars presented by a team of nationally recognized MCLE presenters and authors.

MCLE credit for’s CLE  webinars is available from these partners in these jurisdictions. Attorneys who complete any of these webinars for MCLE credit in one of these jurisdictions may also be able to apply for credit themselves in other jurisdictions where they are licensed. Similarly, if you are licensed in a jurisdiction other than one of the ones below, participating in these CLE webinars, you may also be able to apply for CLE credit in your jurisdiction for attending one of these CLE webinars.

Bar Association Partners
Alabama MCLE Webinars
Alaska Bar CLE logo Alaska MCLE Webinars
Arizona MCLE Webinars Arizona MCLE Webinars
Memphis Bar logo - Arkansas CLE Arkansas MCLE Webinars
Internet For Lawyers California MCLE Webinars
Florida CLE Technology Webinars Florida MCLE Webinars
Kansas Bar CLE Logo Kansas MCLE Webinars
maine-header-logo Maine MCLE Webinars
Memphis Bar logo - Mississippi CLE Mississippi MCLE Webinars
Missouri Bar CLE Missouri MCLE Webinars
State Bar of Montana Montana MCLE Webinars
 Nebraska Bar Logo Nebraska MCLE Webinars
New Mexico MCLE Webinars
The Sharper Lawyer - Pennsylvania CLE Provider - New Jersey CLE New Jersey MCLE Webinars
New York State CLE New York MCLE Webinars
Oklahoma Bar logo Oklahoma MCLE Webinars
Oregon Bar Logo Oregon MCLE Webinars
The Sharper Lawyer - Pennsylvania CLE Provider Pennsylvania MCLE Webinars
Memphis Bar logo - Tennessee CLE Tennessee MCLE Webinars
Utah Bar Logo2 Utah MCLE Webinars
kcba_logo Washington MCLE Webinars
Wyoming Bar logo Wyoming MCLE Webinars

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CLE Webinars For Lawyers

Lawyers can learn valuable new skills AND satisfy their CLE requirements, all from the convenience of their own home or office via our CLE webinars. brings you the highest-quality CLE webinar presentations on timely topics that will help you practice law more efficiently.

You’ll have the opportunity to learn from high caliber CLE speakers you might not be able to see live, locally – but who will be available anywhere you have an Internet connection. CLE credit is available in 21 states.

Each one hour continuing legal education webinar features expert presenters on the topics of law office technology, law practice management, legal ethics, and other related subjects. Many of the speakers have also written popular books on their topics. Each speaker will present practical lessons that you can immediately put to work in your practices.

You can  choose to to view your webinars on any desktop, laptop, or iOS or Android tablet or phone that is convenient for you – simply by clicking the link in your confirmation email (and downloading the associated app from their app store).

Handout materials are also easily accessible; supplied as downloadable PDF documents within the webinar “classroom” environment.

Find CLE webinars in your jurisdiction.

CLE credit is available in the following jurisdictions:

Alabama CLE | Alaska CLE | Arizona CLE | Arkansas CLE | Florida CLE | California MCLE | Kansas CLE | Maine CLE | Missouri CLE | Mississippi CLE | Nebraska CLE | New Jersey CLE | New York CLE | Oklahoma CLE | Oregon CLE | Pennsylvania CLE | Tennessee CLE | Utah CLE | Washington CLE | West Virginia CLE | Wyoming CLE

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