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CLESeminars.com provides Bar Associations of all sizes with Continuing Legal Education webinars presented by some of the country's best-known experts.

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CLESeminars.com provides lawyers with continuing legal education webinars teaching practical skills they can immediately put to work in their practices.

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CLESeminars.com gives select presenters access to its network of continuing legal education partners to extend the reach of their presentations.

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Google Introduces (Yet Another) New Name for Google for Work

Google has announced yet another new name for its suite of cloud-based office productivity and collaboration software. The product most-recently known as Google Apps for Work in now called “G Suite.” 

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Opera Web Browser Introduces Free Virtual Private Network (VPN) Connection

Anyone using public wi-fi hotspots to connect to the Internet should be concerned about the security and privacy of the information they are sending back and forth over those connections.

There are many security options you can employ to better-insure…

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Yahoo Urges U.S. Government to Release Information Regarding E-Mail Surveillance

In a letter posted to its Global Public Policy Blog, Yahoo “demands transparency from the Director of National Intelligence” to “provide [US] citizens with clarification around national security orders they issue to internet companies to obtain user data.”

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Google Kills Hangouts On Air

Google is apparently discontinuing the public “Hangouts On Air” feature. Hangouts On Air allowed users to broadcast a video stream (lecture, presentation, performance, or other event) and make it accessible to anyone with the URL. Public streaming of events will still be available via Google’s YouTube Live feature.

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Is Birthdatabase.com Gone Forever?

One of our favorite unofficial, free sources for dates of birth, Birthdatabase.com, is currently unavailable.

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Google Introduces New Email Security Warning in Gmail

Most of you know that when Google detects “spam” messages, Google flags them as “Spam,” and automatically moves them into a separate Spam folder, bypassing your Inbox completely. You may have also noticed that Google displays an “exclamation point: in …

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